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What effect (if any) do you think this assassination has on El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala’s fights with MS-13 and 18 street?

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The evolution of FARC from a revolutionary group in Columbia to various drug smuggling gangs along the Ecuador and Columbian border may have been the start of the wave of violence spreading through Ecuador.

I think you are right in pointing to the Jalisco New Generation cartel as an agent of drug violence especially since they seem to be involved in every major Pacific Ocean port from Mexico to Chile.

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How about this for another explanation?: rival canidate Jan Topic. See here: "Ecuador: la sospecha sobre el candidato Topic en la muerte de dos políticos", https://negocios.com.ar/mundo/ecuador-la-sospecha-sobre-el-candidato-topic-en-la-muerte-de-dos-politicos/

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FYI here’s a different take on the assassination:


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Did cartel crime in Ecuador increase or decrease during Trump's term ?

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