Feb 11, 2023Liked by Ioan Grillo

Very discouraging that the US Government seems less then forthcoming on this seizure, most likely for political reasons. I was a Biden delegate but very disappointed in his leadership on the over 100,000 overdose deaths. I consider this a form of terrorism and not sure why US Special Forces Operations have not been used to target the cartels invloved. Biden recently authorized Special Forces operations in Africa, but when was the last time an attack by ISIS killed 100,000? Keep up the great reports, Ioan.

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Feb 10, 2023Liked by Ioan Grillo

I had no idea how big a 2000 pound haul of fentanyl is. If you do the calc with [the density of] sugar, almost a ton [2000 pounds] is a cube of side 82cm [32 inches]. If it is in tablets, it must be much bigger.

It seems rather odd that the press has not mentioned it. What value does that have on the streets of Miami?

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