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Thanks always for your clinical approach to a complex problem.

If I was in the Biden Administration I would

1. Increase Funding of Staff to reduce the caseload time.

2. Incentivize Mexico to offer more support by increasing aid to Mexico, including military aid.

3. Create a Group to Monitor Social Media and Inform potential migrants about the dangers and time consuming efforts of asylum applications.

4. Work with all partners in the Hemisphere to require them to double their efforts in stabilizing their own countries as condition to receive American aid.

It would be nice if folks in the Biden Administration would consider your article, but I’m convinced the political appointees there are not qualified for this difficult job.

Keep up the meaningful Journalism.

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When you do a closer examination of the Darian Gap in Panama you realize that migrants are being assisted to the US/Mexican border by government agencies that are paying non government organizations(NGO's) and countries to support this illegal migration. This migration is not an accident of random events. The Darian Gap is the center of human trafficking and illegal migration.

The Florida Standard published an excellent article on Darian Gap and Michael Yon's investigation of the Gap. Yon is a former Green Beret and now a war correspondent. This camp is managed by an United Nations agency, International Organization for Migration " that promotes and facilitates migration from developing countries and China to the West." The Darian Gap is the transit point for immigrants from around the world. Yon calls this weaponized migration to destroy Europe and the United States. You will find in the article detailed maps given to migrants and provide ways to facilitate further transportation to whatever point you want to travel to. 30-40 high end tour buses leave the Darian Gap everyday. US tax dollars at work!

The Darian Gap is not only known by Department of Homeland Security but was visited by the head of Homeland Security and Mayorkas not only did not try to close down the Gap but has expanded the compound at the Darian Gap. This was last April.

Of course our government in the US provides millions of dollars to organizations to transport illegals all over the United States. Non profit groups, religious groups and churches receive millions to making sure migrants are taken care of at the border and then transported to whatever location in the United States. And of course many of the locations just happed to have companies in need of labor. The solution to that particular problem is e-verify since it is still technically illegal to have on the payroll non citizens. Not even former president Trump followed that law. In the tradition of almost every president before,, illegals were found to be working at Mar-a-Lago in 2018.

Politicians use the excuse that the numbers coming across the border is too overwhelming to enforce the border. Do not tell that to Hungry! Faced with over one million illegal migrants flocking to Europe in 2015, Hungry immediately installed layers and layers of the nastiest razor wire you can imagine and planted a huge number of soldiers to police the razor wire. It worked to the disgust of the European Union and many countries around the world including the United States. Vicktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungry is laughing at the United States for their timid border enforcement and crying about the surge of illegal immigration.

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I think it’s always important to maintain international boundaries. To absolutely prioritize them. I think we need to work harder on closing the holes (literally so, build the wall or whatever that looks like) so anyone who does enter is doing so through legal means. That being said, if I was in many of these people’s shoes, I would give everything I had and do anything to get in, Legally or not. Desperation can’t be stopped by logic or laws.

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Hi Ioan! Brilliant article as usual. I admire your even handedness in lodging your points on each of those topics.

However, from where I sit in CA, it looks like this Administration is encouraging migrants to enter the country. Many of these migrants are currently in or passing through Texas. I believe the Administration wants to bring immigrants to Texas, keep them in Texas, ultimately give them the vote and turn that state "blue" thus obtaining the electoral votes needed to clinch nationwide elections and retain power in perpetuity. It may appear to be a cynical ploy but it is effective.

BTW, as a former FBI and JTTF agent, I am very concerned about the possibility 'terrorists' will enter the country as well the resultant crime unfettered immigration will bring to this country. The immigration housing debacles in sanctuary cities such as NY and Chicago are especially worrisome.


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Very good effort.

Careful, the Darien Gap is not Costa Rica, but Panama.

I don't think it's hunger: it's fear. These are the best people, working people, in each of these countries. People who have the most courage, and are the most enterprising, and who can find the money to pay thousands of dollars to make it all the way up here.

Venezuela--Grillo, please amplify your analysis regarding migrants from that country. Same with Honduras. Same with Cuba. U.S. sanctions don't solve the problem at the origin, but worsen it.

But who cares. Your post has the merit of calling attention to the sheer SIZE of the problem--11,000 migrants "encountered" by the Border Patrol in one day? and also has the virtue of reminding people that it's not a NEW phenomenon.

The article did not get into what can be done in the short term and in the coming years, to deal with this torrent of humans who are going to come into this country, the U.S., one way or the other. That's the analysis we need now, though that's not your job.

You're doing your job--to understand what leads poor working people with little formal education, certainly no college degrees, construction workers, factory workers, taxi drivers, bus and truck drivers, agricultural workers--to leave everything behind, including mothers and dads and their whole lives, to undertake this very dangerous journey, through Mexico! Heavens!

Thank you Grillo

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