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On this issue, it may be of interest a 1995 report by the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, edited by Jody Williams and Shawn Roberts: "After the Guns Fall Silent: The Enduring Legacy of Landmines. Lying in fields, alongside roads and footpaths of one-third of the countries in the developing world, one hundred million uncleared landmines are a weapon of mass destruction in slow motion. This report provides the data that landmines victimize innocent civilians... a direct contravention of the Geneva Convention"

Also don't miss how the HALO Trust (halotrust.org) destroyed 562 anti-tank mines "after 52 years buried by the River Jordan at the Baptism site of Christ": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1h32wWkTik


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There isn't much good information/analysis out there. Yours is among the best. Thank you!

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Very nice. A private peak into the situations in Mexico. Would be a trip down memory lane but IEDs and landmines we're not part of the life I remember. Evolution.

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