Thank you Ioan! I have been wanting to know this background for years (the when it started and why), how true / untrue the numbers arelves, cartoons, especially. Clearly told, as always! A friend and former colleague worked with trafficked women for years through the British criminal justice system and joined forces on prevention of human trafficking (for slavery, sexual and domestic) of young women from the Caribbean and West Africa in particular. Her team made videos that were shown strategically (in Jamaica, I believe, can check), supported by the government there and numbers of trafficked women entering the UK went down dramatically. Do you think it's worth trying to facilitate some cross-cultural sharing of experience? (the videos, animations, are beautifully done, short, simple and very moving -- can pass links on). Education and information on this topic for prevention are very close to my heart (very struck by your last photo, urging women to realise the padrote will create -- will already have created -- and use fear, and to resist this ... it's so subtle, and bears many similarities to the build-up of domestic violence / intimate partner abuse and coercive control which doesn't end up in trafficking and prostitution but is worldwide, with murders of women by partners and family increasing, according to the last UN stats I had access to, and is surely part of the same phenomenon)

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Excellent work my friend. Wish there were a thousand more guys just like you. As a 40 year addiciton survivor I salute you Sir!!!

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We had many problem here in México, in Zacatecas for example where i live, we notice many coincides in the goverment that made us danger...For example, 4 years ago when Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador came to power, the state was calmer, crime decreased, but for example here in Zacatecas, the now governor David Monreal, was a municipal president of one of the municipalities of the State of Zacatecas called Fresnillo, at that time the murders began in Fresnillo and later when Monreal became Governor of the state of Zacatecas, one of the 32 states that make up Mexico, suddenly the murders increased and spread throughout the state of Zacatecas, curious, don't you think? For example, this week I share the following news about it, since every day there are homicides without data without sufficient information, cartels? of course these are the links for news about it

Some of these news are hided by republic and are published in facebook for example:

1.- https://fb.watch/mV-pgLfeKp/?mibextid=2Rb1fB

2.- https://fb.watch/mV1repVIkd/?mibextid=2Rb1fB

3.- https://fb.watch/mT5E5-vCDG/?mibextid=2Rb1fB

4.- https://fb.watch/mS8qEsimGJ/?mibextid=2Rb1fB

5.- https://fb.watch/mQI7jNvJSi/?mibextid=2Rb1fB

7.- https://fb.watch/mPdcBGzlCM/?mibextid=2Rb1fB

This are a few examples only this week , imagine whats in the rest of my country

6.' https://fb.watch/mPBhyvrx4b/?mibextid=2Rb1fB

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The horror that has occurred in Juarez and still continuing today would make one pessimistic about any attempts by the Mexican and US government to tackle the problem in any effective manner. Any where from 1000 to 5000 women and girls have disappear not counting the discoveries of the remains

of women and girls that were discovered primarily by word of mouth on the street. There was also a kidnapping/trafficking conduit from El Paso, Phoenix and Tucson to Juarez that has never been really stopped. A friend's daughter disappeared in El Paso and only because my friend had a relative in the US Marshal service was she able to rescue her daughter. The marshal found her at her last stop in El Paso before being shipped to Juarez. The marshal did not want to even entertain the question of how he knew where to go. He has been absolutely disgusted by the lack of agency enforcement on both sides of the border regarding this form of modern day slavery.

When former senator Jeff Sessions became Attorney General of the United States he was shouting at full voice about the horrors of child sex trafficking and adult women being trafficking into horrible cauldrons of sex slavery and started hundreds of sex trafficking enforcement cases. He was criticized heavily for supposedly overstating the problem and I think that is the real hidden reason he was forced to resign.

I do not think any statistics released by any government agency accurately reflect the real problem and the dots are never connected by any agency to point out that this is truly an international tragedy.

When Duterte was President of the Phillippines he was incensed at the lack of response by the United States and the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia to the terrible work and sex enslavement of Filipino women. For a time, he did not allow any Filipino women to work outside the country. Mexican women have been forced into prostitution not only in Mexico, United States and Canada, but also in Europe if they possess the highly in demand qualities of being very young and a virgin. If you have any doubts about the international aspect of this appalling situation do your own investigation of the international assistance Jeffery Epstein received in his sex trafficking and political blackmail ring.

An observation I made at the time of the massive publicity over the immigrant marches from Central America through Mexico to the US border seemed at the start of the marches there were huge numbers of men, women and children but when they arrived at the border it seemed the marches were dominated by men and younger men mostly. What happened to the women and children?

Prostitution has always been treated with disdain and a don't give a shit attitude by law enforcement for decades. Many a serial killer has feasted on that attitude. but child sex exploitation is a very specialized, secretive operation that is very difficult to penetrate since much of the activity is conducted over encrypted emails. I am not talking the perverts evading social media and being busted but the international rings that involve many influential people and the satisfying of their horrible appetites.

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Thank you. I will see where I saved the links that Olga (my former colleague and friend, British Caribbean woman, now in her mid-70s, seen a lot) sent me, and will send them to you. Appreciate this! (What I like about these 3 short videos is that not only do they speak to the girls who get targeted and groomed, but they are also eye-catching and educational for any old person on the street, anywhere, about the vulnerability of poor women and girls (some escaping an abusive or slave-like existence at home, frying pan into fire). When I have a better idea of the time I'll be in Mexico at the end of this year and especially 2024, I'd like to know more about the Fray Julian Garces center and see if I can offer any help. (In recent year's the women's activist and advocacy group I am close to is MAM, in Mexico City). Feel warmed by your work and your engagement, as well as admiring of your conciseness (not my talent, as you can see) and clarity. Keep safe mate

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Ioan- Contact me privately. You have my e-mail. If not, I'll give you another means. Looking forward to hear from you.

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Greatly appreciate your work Mr. Grillo. I discovered you on the Shawn Ryan show and ever since then I always look forward to your work.

This is off topic but I live near the city of Mexicali Baja California and it seems to me that the city is always under the radar when it comes to crime and narcos and I feel it’s a place worthy of investigation for you whenever you have the opportunity.

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As a Former PIMP, I have to approve this post for its accurateness. It goes so much deeper in the archives of AMERICA frum da state Im frum: LOUISIANA/MISSISSIPPI. Keep letting it drop, man.

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