In the twenty-first century, crime can become war, police can become drug traffickers, and mob bosses can become presidents. Narco politics shines a light on this grey and bloody space, which not only dominates countries like Mexico but is leaking out across the world, including to where you live.

My name is Ioan Grillo and I am a journalist from the UK who has been living in Mexico since 2000, writing stories, a trilogy of books and making documentary series about this phenomenon. Join me here to unravel what is going on it and find a better path than the one we are headed on now.

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Reporting on crime and drugs, police and politics, guerrillas and paramilitaries, and the people who live and die through it all.


Ioan Grillo

I am a journalist based in Mexico and specializing on crime, drugs, and politics, and all the intertwining issues that spiral out round the planet.