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Cómo los cárteles invadieron Chiapas

How Cartels Invaded Chiapas

Crenshaw: "Los cárteles mexicanos tienen miedo de encabronar al ejército estadounidense"

Crenshaw: “Mexican drug cartels are actually scared of pissing off the American military”

A December Shout To My Co-Conspirators

Fentanyl Crossing in "Vaginal Cavities and Rectums"

Cómo se infiltran los cárteles en la Patrulla Fronteriza

Entrevista con ‘El Plaga’ : Mexico asegura que está en prisión, pero él asegura que está libre

Narco "El Plaga" Gives Me An Interview. Mexico Says He's In Prison But He Says He's Free.

Searching For Ross McDonnell

Mexico's Worst Narco Massacres

"Islamic Terrorists" on the Rio Grande? Truth and Myths.

1. El Mini Lic

Mini Lic, Life of a Narco Junior

My Explosive Interview With Narco "Mini Lic"

What Are Cartels?

How the CIA Promoted Magic Mushrooms

The Dark Web and a Journalist Murder

Five Forces Driving the Migrant Surge

Applied Math Versus Cartels

A September Shout To My Subscribers

The World's Most Famous Narco Wife Walks

America's First Drug Cartel Was Not Colombian or Mexican; It Was The Italian-Jewish Mob

The Dark Truth of Mexico's "Pimp City" That Traffics Girls to New York

Three Uncomfortable Truths About Bukele's Crackdown On Gangs

How Cartels Infiltrate The Border Patrol

The Paradox of Mexico's Drug War and Peace

Ecuador's Gangster Warlords and the Murder of a Presidential Candidate

A Shout To My Readers and Supporters

Chalino, King of the Drug Ballad

US Finally Hits Chinese Labs Over Fentanyl

The Truth About Cartel Rockets and Ukraine

The Mystery of Mexico's Modern Pirates

The Narco Gangs and Human Smugglers of Ciudad Juárez

How America Arms Gangs and Cartels

So, is Mexico a Narco State?

EXCLUSIVE: Record Fentanyl Haul in Miami Shows Shift in Trafficking Routes

The Goshen Massacre and the Specter of Cartel Spillover Into the US

Genaro García Luna se enfrenta a jurados vacilantes de Nueva York

Accused Narco Official García Luna Faces Hesitant New York Jurors

Los Presos Ayahuasqueros en México

Mexico’s Ayahuasca Prisoners

AMLO's Government Recaptures Ovidio - and Slays the Demon of El Culiacanazo